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Carousel Orange,4th National Level Sports & Cultural Meet. The event will take place on January 23rd , 24th 2015 at Emerald's Advanced Institute of Management Studies (EAIMS), Tirupati. Carousel is a vibrant event which will gather colorful smiles from student fraternity. The events and the prizes will leave an overwhelmingly positive memory in your name. We are humbled by the prospect of bringing together over 1000 Bcom,Bsc,MBA, MCA,B.tech undergraduate and University students from well known colleges in order to engage in sports and cultural events. Total students from Emeralds Group of Institutions (3500 students from all groups) are also participating.
Celebrities participated in carousel including Mr. Krishnamachari Srikanth, former Indian capitan and Selector.Super Singers Geetha Madhuri,Krishna Chaitanya,Sri Krishna,Anjana Sowmya Sumangali,Richa panai,Viva Harsha,Agnii art for all,a renowned percusiion band performed all oveer the world.

This Time with Carousel Orange will bring lots of fun with its performances

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