Director's Message

We are passing through a very strange phase where in we are evidencing a mushroom growth of technical institutions in Andhra Pradesh. We talk much about competition. The billion dollar question before us is how to gain a 'competitive edge' over others. Strangely this question is before both the organization as well as the student. We strongly believe that the student's competitive edge is organizations edge. That's how we ward off our competition. We, as part of strategic management constantly asses the strengths and weaknesses of our inputs and resources, give maximum priority to update and uplift these. To gain a competitive edge you need to study in a competitive environment. The infrastructure and the faculty always make a difference. No compromise attitude towards these is the hallmark of Emeralds. We know what a student needs and we know what the situation demands and the best part is we are always proved successful in reconciling both. Our competitive edge is not only we are at the helm of affairs but also we play an active role in lecturing and mentoring. We don't allow interfaces between the management and students, as we don't need any.

Management education is more practical oriented. Exposure to different real-time situations will train a student to face the turbulent decision making environment. We equip the student with much needed skills to face unforeseen situations.