Date: 22nd November 2014
Venue: EAIMS Campus
Entry for all Graduates(Degree & Engineering)
Free Registration
Total Prize Money Rs.35000/-

1. Quiz
2. Elocution(Telugu/English)
3. Essay Writing(Telugu/English)
4. Debate(Telugu/English)
5. Snapshot
6. Short Film
7. Rangoli
8. Poster Making
9. Treasure Hunt(Entry Fee Rs.50/-)

Contact Details:

Faculty Co-ordinators:-

Ramesh S - Ph:9399997797
Krishna Prasad C B V - Ph:9885429867

Student Co-ordinators:-

Mahesh A - Ph:88853339884
Naresh P - Ph:9949342560
Sudharshan T - Ph:9700106601
Jagadeesh N - Ph:9000626365
Mahesh G - Ph:9502213318

Rules for designing:

1)Poster size should be less than 1MB.
2)Maximum six colors should be use in the poster.
3)Submit your entries on or before 30th October,2014.
4)Image should be in following
Width:1200 PIXELS
Height:1800 PIXELS
Bit Depth:8 or 16
5)The poster should be in JPEG or JPG format.