Education plays a vital role in moulding a citizen.  The need of the hour is to uplift the society through lofty ideals and strong foundation in academics which is imparted only through education.  The overall development of the youth of today lies in the hands of educational institutions with dedicated ideals in mind and action.  Emerald’s group of institutions has been rendering quality education for the past 20 years and contributing to the development of the society at large.  It is with this endeavor, the Institute has started the PGDM program equivalent to MBA, focusing on contributing qualified professionals to the industry.

The vision of the institute is to strive continuously for excellence in education and research by setting up quality oriented academic institutions and contribute to the development of the student fraternity and society at large. The goal of the Institute is to produce leaders and professionals to the global industry with emphasis on the development of skills which inculcates human and moral values as part of the curricula.

Professional education has been undergoing enormous transformation today.  There is absolute necessity to produce management professionals who could fit into changing business scenarios.  The program aims at equipping the student with analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating situations which acts as an essential lever for making strategic decisions and drive the organizations on the path of profitability.  The Program makes a commitment with the student to design a productive career and enrich their future.